Father Time
As we usher in a new design decade, Vitra is now featuring some rediscovered treasures from the past. Three Ceramic Clocks designed by George Nelson in the early 1950s were developed but never made it to the manufacturing stage. Based on the original design, Vitra is, for the first time ever, making these clocks available on the market.

They have all the form and whimsy of Nelson's work of that time. They look like fun little characters.

Happy New Year...
...from ourhaus to yours!

Ahhh, January. The clean slate of a fresh new year...and a fresh blank calendar. Oh, the promise and mystery it holds. While I use iCal on my computer and iPhone for business, I always like to have an "analog" version on the walls in my office since they serve as great artwork and often, interesting design perspectives on tracking the passage of time.

A perennial favorite of mine (and I'm pretty sure graphic designers across the globe) is Pentagram's 365 large-format calendar. Pass the time with a new typeface (and a short story on its origins) each month: available from Veer.


 Similarly, The Stendig, designed by Mossimo Vignelli 44 years ago, is another classic for all Helveticaphiles.
Available at unicahome.

Another graphic classic from the 60's is this perpetual version by designer Enzo Mari. When it comes to calendars, I do think less is more. Just tell the days and months, please! But I also best visualize "time" in the classic week/month grid structure. Available at nova68.

The look of this perpetual calendar would fit perfectly in my studio.
Available at Kikkerland.

MoMA's Phases of the Moon calendar is also an elegant info-graphic that does not get in the way of telling the date. Available at Velocity Art & Design.

This series also includes a moon phase version. Punch-out the circles every day or just important dates, creating different abtract designs in the process from designer Michael Domberger. All available at Amazon.

Along the "interactive" calendar idea, I love the concept behind the Apple-a-Day calendar by Vik Design. Count down the days to better health with the sticker from the apple you ate that day. (Can we sneak in the banana ones, too?) Aavailable on Vik Design's Etsy shop.


or, try the Bubble Calendar for that satisfying bubble wrap pop!

When it comes to illustrative print calendars, my new favorite is from Papersource. What is so great about these is they not only use PS's great recycled paper designs, but there are templates on the back of each month to make things (cards, favor boxes, etc.) when you are through with the calendar. Available at Papersource.

I really love their mini letterpress calendar as well:

Which reminds me of the beautiful letterpress and flat-print calendars from one of my favorite paper goods companies, Snow and Graham.

And the most impressive concept calendar is the Ink Calendar. The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are "printed" daily. Designed by Oscar Diaz

Here's to 2010 and cheers to making the most of your days.

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